Joti Deol, CPA, CA

This is not my first business venture, I actually started my first business at the age of 8 with my cousins. We sold rocks on the side of the road. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a large market for shiny rocks so we had to close shop. Then, I started doing bookkeeping for my parent’s construction company and my dad suggested I should become an accountant. I feel like he wanted free accounting advice for life, but it did plant a seed. I spent the next 4 years working part time at a mid size accounting firm in the valley and got my degree. Then went on to Grant Thornton to receive my Chartered Accountant designation. After being there for 5 years I went on to industry for a year. That is where I discovered I wanted to pave my own path in accounting and help business owners see their business in a different light. I then partnered up with two intelligent and amazing ladies to start Abstract. We want to help educate business owners on their finances so they can reach their goals. By empowering yourselves with knowledge, you feel more confident and can leverage your business to another level.